Tiger eye agate

Tiger's eye agate slab is a collection of quartz, usually brownish yellow, blue, reddish brown, etc. It is opaque, fine and tough, and has a fine fibrous structure. If it is ground into a curved surface from the vertical fiber direction, a parallel movement will appear on the curved surface. The eye is named tiger eye because of its shape and color like tiger eyes.
Due to its growth environment and the different trace elements, a series of colorful ore bodies are formed, the brown yellow tiger eye is more common. It is considered to be the treasure of nature, the miracle of the earth, the unique gem structure, like the eyes of the elves, flickering and flickering, like the opal, with distinct and unique features, each tiger eye is emitting a grim light, like severe Eyes, more like a mysterious enchantment, different angles, the eyes of the tiger's eyes are different, the difference with the opal is that the color of the tiger's eye is more aggressive and gorgeous.