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Agate stone slabs is opening a completely new chapter for stone decoration, becoming more and more fashionable with big influence in modern society.
Agate has long history, it is a mineral formed by hydrothermal filling of early caverns in the late volcano, refers to chalcedony with a ribbon structure, which is a gelatinous mineral whose main component is silica. Hardness is 6.5-7, specific gravity is 2.65. The fracture is shell-shaped, transparent to translucent and with glass luster.
Agate shape is related to the formation space. There are circular concentric filaments or parallel strips. Its hardness even exceeds crystal. This kind of hard, dense and delicate, fantastic color gemstone becomes the best raw material for carving art and crafts.
Agate stone color is traced by trace metals or colored minerals, the colors are extremely abundant, including yellow, white, red, enamel, blue, purple, and gray and so on. Due to smooth surface and a clear transparency, all are very beautiful, full of brilliance and colorful with pure luxury.
Agate stone has been praised as a symbol of beauty, happiness, auspiciousness and wealth. It has three characteristics of magnificent, hard and rare, is highly demanded by individual home, classy hotel, top grade movie, art school, office, pub or other builders.
Our agate slab products are diversified, luxury, fashionable and innovative. 
Our job today is to develop more creative and unique products using nice agate stone slabs, we could provide agate countertop, background wall, table, sink & basin, cabinet, floor ect.
We are confident to meet your different requests.
Welcome to our agate slab world, it will open your mind and show you extra ordinary beauty.
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